From the humble beginnings of a regular GCSE design & technology class, my interest and passion for wood was triggered by my first project of assembling a traditional rocking chair by the use of hand tools and craftsmanship.


From here, I went on to complete a cabinet making course at college, with specific focus on finishing techniques; my aim was to hone my skill-set to enable my work to be held at a higher standard.

This led me further into the artistry side of working with wood, where French polishing, antique restoration and fine art was where I saw myself flourishing.


My next step was an apprenticeship where I was mentored by an expert with over forty years experience in the industry. I spent an invaluable five years there, developing my abilities via in-depth practical and theoretical learning.


My hunger and passion for the craft grew and grew to the point where I felt I was ready for the next step. With my mentor’s blessing, I ventured out on my own and set up my own business…